Monday, February 25, 2008

Count Your Blessings...

Today I received this devastating email from one of my friends at BYU and thought I would share it. If you can't help, maybe you know someone who can.

Dear Family and Friends,
A year and half ago we moved into our new home in Pleasant Grove, Utah. At that time Blair's foster brother and best friend, Sam Harrison, and his wife, Ashley, moved into our basement apartment. Since that day, we've pretty much been one big happy family. They love our kids like their own, and we love them more than words could ever express. It would honestly be hard to imagine our lives without them in it.
Six weeks ago, Sam and Ashley were happier than we've ever seen, as they gave birth to their first son, Benjamin Alexander. Although Benji arrived three weeks early, he is as happy and healthy as can be.
Now, the reason for my email. This past Saturday night, Sam, was in a horrible snowboarding accident while night skiing at Brighton ski resort.
He unintentionally hit a jump that threw him up in the air; he flipped around landing on his head breaking his neck in three places & paralyzing him from the shoulders down.
Sam finished working in December and is currently enrolled in night school at BYU. They were in the process of deciding what to do as far as health insurance went for him; therefore, Sam does not have medical coverage at this time. As you can imagine, the financial strain would be overwhelming even if he had had insurance.
Our hearts ache for our dear friends; we haven't slept in days trying to comprehend how quickly one's life can change in such an unexpected, short amount of time. If there is anything you can spare for this family it would be truly appreciated. We have set up a non-profit organization and website with Sam's story and photos. You may visit the site at Donations can also be made to any Zions Bank to the account name: Sam Harrison Donation. All information is posted on the website.
Please keep the Harrison Family in your prayers.
Love, Holly & Blair Hasler
P.S. Please circulate this email; post it on your blog, tell your friends.
Every little bit will help. Once again,

Saturday, February 9, 2008

TEAM fitness update

Well, it was the end of the first week of TEAM fitness and I have lost 4 pounds. Only ___ more to go (like I would tell you -Ha). Anyways the class is awesome. On Monday's and Friday's we do circuit training for 1 hour and on Wednesday's we do cardio for an hour. I like to go on my own Tuesdays, Thursdays and some Saturday's to get in some extra cardio. I am a little frustrated because with this class we are supposed to have a nutritionist come and we haven't seen her yet. So if any of you out there have 1200 calorie meal plans please let me know and email it to me. I am just guessing I should have around 1200 calories and I have made my own meal plan program on excel. If any of you have professional meal plans or advice, please send it my way. Thanks for all the encouragement and support. Jocelyn, I am happy to hear that you will be going through it with me. That's awesome! Keep up your hard work. Oh, if any of you San Antonio mom’s out there have a membership to Lifetime, let me know and maybe we can meet there sometime. It’s always nice to have a friend to workout with.

By the way, did I ever show you that I am in a fitness magazine??? How's that body for having two kiddo's-lol.

Don't you just LOVE photoshop :)

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