Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Fun

For as long as I can remember Halloween has always been a big event in my family. Every Halloween morning my mom would get my brother, Kris and I, up for school early to do our make-up, mostly scary, of course. My mom is really into Halloween decorations and my favorite part was the cob webs and the scary door decorations.

Since then, her Halloween decorations have evolved with more life size figures. People come over to take pictures inside her house on Halloween night, while Jake and Jordan are outside scaring the trick-or-treaters as they come up to the door.

We started off the day by watching some of the Goosebumps series that was on T.V.. Kamrynn loved it, but was sure to keep her hands close by when she needed to cover her eyes.

We did all the girly make-up and I discovered that Kami may be the next eyelash model. It's amazing what a little mascara can do.

Next, we got all dressed up and went to Grammie's house. The kids played on the playground in the back yard while I took some pictures (my favorite part).

As you may have noticed, Kennedi, changed her mind and decided she no longer wanted to be a pirate. She now wanted to be a princess.

Following the pictures, it's tradition that we go to my Grams house. There she has a bags of fun Halloween toys for the kids. Grams also loves to decorate the house for Halloween. The girls just love looking at all the decorations.

After GG's house, we met Christopher and began our trick-or-treating adventure. After each house, Kennedi kept saying, "Can we do more trick-or-treating?" and "This is so much fun!" Kami, on the other hand, would practically ask every person at the door for a "big hug...and a big kiss" before she left. She also made herself feel comfortable and sat right down in someone's chair and started chatting.

We practically had to force the kids to quit trick-or-treating. We finally made it home and watched Monster House as a family, ate candy, then crashed! Once again, we had a very happy Halloween.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kennedi's Photo Shoot at the San Antonio LDS Temple

I Love to See the Temple...

Kennedi has always had a fascination with the temples. Every time we drive by she starts singing, "I love to see the temple," followed by asking if we can go inside. Last year I bought this little play wedding dress and imagined taking her picture in front of the temple which hopefully would later be displayed at her own wedding. Well, she kept asking and asking to go do her photo shoot and we finally got around to do it. Here are some shots I took of her at the San Antonio Temple grounds...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Weekend Update...

This weekend was very special for me. First of all I have to thank my mother-in-law, Corby, for coming to help watch the girls so I could attend my Grandma & Grandpa Linschotens sealing in the Salt Lake Temple. The girls had so much fun with you, as they always do. They went to the park, made cookies, watched movies and played a Pretty, Pretty, Princess game. The girls were in heaven. We love you so much!

While my mother-in-law was helping watch the kids, I flew with my mom to Utah. We stayed at my Uncle Todd's and Aunt Kathryn's house and had so much fun. The days were filled with shopping with my best friend, Charity and cousin Lexie and the nights were spent doing girls things and watching movies.

My grandparents were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple on Saturday October 11th, which also happens to be my uncles birthday. For those of you who know, there is nothing that can compare to a temple sealing. It was beautiful and so meaningful to me. I am so grateful that I, as well as my grandparents, will be married for time and all eternity. What a special meaning that has.

More pictures to come...

Friday, October 3, 2008

"Zip it!"

As many of you mothers know, your kids seem to need your attention most when you are on the phone. This evening I was trying to leave a message for someone when Kennedi came running up to me to tell on Kamrynn. I tried to show her that I was on the phone, but it didn't work. She kept yelling and screaming. When I got off the phone, I bent down to her level to tell her, "Kennedi, when I am on the phone you need to zip it" as I did the motion across my lips. She looked at me with confusion and concern and said, "but mom, my finger isn't a zipper."

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lewisville High School 10 Year Reunion

Wow! Has it really been 10 years? It just seems like yesterday, but at the same time so much has happened since then. I moved away from home, graduated college with three degrees, got married and started a beautiful family. A lot can change in ten years. I wonder what the next ten will bring?

For our reunion, we started by attending the LHS Fighting Farmers football game. If any of you are familiar with Texas High School Football, you will know what I am talking about when I say, "It’s a big deal" and the "whole town shuts down." Yep, just like the movies. Although they are currently no state champs like we were, it was still a fun atmosphere to be in. I had a blast introducing my husband to all of my good high school friends. He was such a great sport to let me drag him around. I think he even may have had a better time than me because he got to "talk sports" all Saturday with my friend RC. He just blended right in and started to make friends, like always. What a lucky girl I am to have such a great husband. Thanks, babe! We had such a fun weekend.
Saturday afternoon we went with RC and his brothers to Lewisville's Western Days and finished the night off with the official reunion. It was great to see everyone doing so well. Thanks for all the wonderful memories we have shared together and for making my high school experience a great one.

This last picture is funny because all of us were trying to figure out which way the "L" goes. Once cheerleaders, always cheerleaders :) (that is the ONLY time you will find me making fun of cheerleaders) -lol

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