Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I tried to send out several emails last night to let everyone know that my email address is changing. They all came back system undeliverable. Then I get to my mom's house and she received 4 emails from me telling her that I was changing my email address. So I apologize if you received several emails, too. Now I am really confused if you received the email(s) or not. I just found out that I have to pay to use hotmail on my Microsoft Outlook, so I will just get a new mackus account. Sorry if you already changed it. My new and final email address will be


Thanks for making the change.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Is Easter Here?

Kennedi kept asking question such as, "is the Easter Bunny here", except she would forget the word bunny and just call him Easter. "Did Easter hop all the way over to, Grammies?" ...I think we are approaching the question phase :)

We had a nice Easter Sunday. We all gathered at my parent's house to eat and visit. The girls were so excited that the Easter Bunny left them a basket. They couldn't get over that there were candy inside the eggs. They thought that was the coolest thing.

Lexie :)

Lexie is the best! I am so proud of her. She just graduated high school and starts college this week. She is studying to become a Dental Assistant. She is a great Nanny, cousin and friend. I am so glad she lives down here! I am so proud of you, Lex!

I wanted to shoot some pictures, so she was kind enough to model for me. Isn't she beautiful?

Then we decided to have some fun. Lexie loves Lady Gaga, so we decided that would be a fun photoshoot. I am eventually going to make these pictures into a CD cover for a scrapbook page. We had fun!

Summer Fun

It has been such nice weather lately and the girls have loved playing outside. One of their favorite things to do is play with the water hose. It kept them busy for hours :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Grandpa and Clayton came to Play

We were so excited when we found out Grandpa Guymon and Uncle Clayton were coming down to visit.

Grandpa Guymon LOVES buttermilk. He had the girls try it to see if they wanted to be like him and like it, too.

Kami was the first to try it and made a funny face-YUCK!

Kennedi, on the other hand, was trying to be polite and smile after her big gulp. She humored him with a second try and then said, "No, thanks" when asked if she wanted her own glass. I guess you are on your own this time, Grandpa.

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