Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy 7th Anniversary, Babe!

No 7 year itch here. We are still going strong and as happy as ever. I was attending a wedding this past weekend in Dallas, so Chris and I are going to celebrate our anniversary a little later. Its crazy how fast time goes by. I can remember not sleeping the night before the wedding because I was so excited. Then we had some miscommunication about what time he was to arrive at the temple. I sat there for an hour thinking I was being stood up on my wedding day. Turns out, I forgot to tell him the new time we were meeting so we could take pictures before hand. After that, things were right on schedule and as planned - aside from someone locking our keys in our car after decorating it, which caused the alarm to go off as we were trying to leave for our honeymoon.

Good times and great memories! Thanks for the beautiful memories we have shared together. I know we will have a lifetime of more memories to enjoy together. I love you, babe!

And here is my favorite part of being married:
"Snuggling Pigs"

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Caught in the act...

Several times Christopher and I have had to tell the girls not to stand on the “decoration table.” Well this time they were caught in the act. Both girls were jumping off of the table onto the couch. When I told them to stop, Kennedi said, “But Mom…we’re not standing on it, Mom.”
When they saw they were in trouble, first they tried to hide behind their hands and close their eyes. When they realized that wasn’t working, they pretended to be asleep. What a bunch of goons.

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